The Gold Monkey Key (Part One)

It’s not that I don’t like books about crime or that I dislike Tartan Noir – quite the opposite: I’m a big fan of Ian Rankin, Stuart MacBride and Malcolm MacKay, yet somehow, I’d never read anything by Val McDermid, which is strange in itself. But even stranger for me, who hates gore and horror,Continue reading “The Gold Monkey Key (Part One)”


The Jade Dragonball: a resource for teachers

David and I have prepared a chapter-by-chapter resource for The Jade Dragonball which offers ideas for mini-projects and discussions, questions to test factual knowledge and elicit opinions about events and characters in the book, and links to curated sites. We hope you will find it useful. An example is pictured and if you are interested,Continue reading “The Jade Dragonball: a resource for teachers”