What I learned writing THE JADE DRAGONBALL (Part 4)

Perhaps the biggest thing I learned while researching and writing this book with David was that the Song Dynasty was the time when the amazing Qingming Scroll was created. The artist responsible for the painting, Zhang Zeduan, really brings history to life. One of my absolute favourite scenes is the trouble the ship’s crew is having at the Rainbow Bridge, which is something we included in the Jade Dragonball’s story. I also really like the street scenes in the busy city of Bianjing. When you look at this part of the scroll, it’s easy to hear the people chatting, laughing, arguing, and gossiping… If you read the Jade Dragonball, you’ll discover other parts of the Qingming Scroll that we used in Sara’s adventure. Finally, if you want to see more of the Qingming Scroll, have a look at this great piece of animation. https://youtu.be/_dK-GSLSPmc


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